Apply For

  1. Adopt-a-Park (PDF)

    Use this form to apply to be apart of the Adopt-A-Park program.

  2. Adopt-A-Road (PDF)

    Apply to be apart of the Adopt-A-Road program.

  3. Application for Tax Abatement (PDF)

    Use this document to apply for a tax abatement.

  4. Employment Opportunities

    Job openings, online applications, and resume submission

  1. Gas Tap Application (PDF)

    Download this form to apply for a gas tap.

  2. Register of Historic Properties (PDF)

    Register your home with the Historic Commission if it has historic properties.

  3. Request for Police Information Form (PDF)

    Download this form to request information from the Police Department.

  4. Sign Placement & Erection Application (PDF)

    Use this form when placing a public sign.