1. 2015 Planning Submittal Schedule (PDF)

    Download the 2015 submittal schedule.

  2. Bad Check Policy (PDF)

    Review the city's bad check policy.

  3. CCA Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

    Review frequently asked questions from the Income Tax Department.

  4. Cemetery Rules and Regulations (PDF)

    Read the city's rules and regulations created for the cemetery.

  5. Community Development

    Review the Community Department's mission statement.

  6. Establishing Utility Service Checklist (PDF)

    Search a checklist created for starting a utility service.

  7. Fairfield County Domestic Violence Protocol (PDF)

    Read through the county's domestic violence.

  1. Homeowner Housing Rehabilitation Assistance

    The City of Lancaster provides funding to eligible city residents to rehabilitate their homes. The homeowner housing rehabilitation assistance program upgrades single family dwelling units within the incorporated area of the city of Lancaster.

  2. List of Taxable & Nontaxable Income (PDF)

    Find out if your income is taxable or nontaxable.

  3. Parks & Recreation Rules & Regulations (PDF)

    Read through the rules and regulations from the Parks and Recreation Department.

  4. Pool Rules (PDF)

    Print a copy of the pool rules created by the city.

  5. Screened in Porches Standards (PDF)

    Find printable standards for building a screened in porch.

  6. Transit Schedule (PDF)

    Print a copy of the public transit schedule.

  7. Utilities Collection Rate Sheet (PDF)

    Print a copy of the utilities collection rate sheet.