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Mission Statement
     We, the members of the Lancaster Fire Department,
     are committed to our community by providing excellence
     in emergency response services, We recognize our role,
     and will continue the tradition of protecting and enhancing
     the quality of life for our citizens, and our visitors, with a
     focused commitment to provide well trained, highly
     motivated, and properly equipped personnel.

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 LFD Firefighters of the Quarter


Acting Lt. Jeremy Kraner (bottom left), FFE Tod Burwell (top left), and FFP Randy McCrady (middle left) were dispatched in the very early hours of July 25, 2016 to a residence on North George Street to investigate the activation of a carbon monoxide alarm. While on scene, they noticed the next door neighbor was using their portable generator, as well, for auxiliary power and had placed the generator very close to the house. 

Once they had completed their response to the original residence, the trio knocked on the neighbor’s door to check on them. As soon as the occupant’s opened their door, the gas meter went into alarm. The levels of carbon monoxide found inside this residence were at lethal levels that could have been proven to be deadly by morning. 

The professionalism and situational awareness of Acting Lt. Kraner, FFE Burwell, and FFP McCrady are to be commended.

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