River Valley Highlands I/I Project



​Adam Bernard Project Representative (614) 519-0007​
Ben Woerner City Resident Project Representative (740) 455-3966

In 2016 residents in portions of River Valley Highlands began to encounter water in their basements caused by excessive Infiltration and Inflow (I/I) of groundwater into the sanitary sewer system.  A pilot program in 2017 found that the majority of the I/I was coming from groundwater entering the system through leaking sewer laterals and mainline joints.  The pilot study successfully eliminated main line joints through a process of joint grouting.  Grouting is a no dig process that tests each joint and injects a chemical grout into bad joints.  The grout binds with the pipe and soil to eliminate the leak.
Grouting Diagram
In March 2018 the City of Lancaster entered into a Design Build Contract with ARCADIS US Inc. a national leader in I/I removal projects, to develop and implement a project for the western portion of River Valley Highlands.  Construction began in August 2018 and will last through January 2019.  After a 2 year period the contractor will return to retest the joints and re-grout any failed joints. The contractors plan to work Monday through Saturday generally from 7 am to 7pm.

What to Expect During the Project

​There will be Contractor Vehicles on the streets please watch for workers and stopped vehicles.  There may also be parking limitations so that the contractors can access the manholes in the tree lawn.
CCTV Truck
Since the project does not require major excavations, the contractors will be working from manholes.  Watch for open manholes next to the sidewalks.
Open Manhole
Sewer Cleaning involves flushing water under pressure through the main line sewers.  This can cause a back pressure into the sewer laterals that may result is gurgling or water blowing out of traps.  This is more common if there is a problem with your roof vent.  If you have odors, your traps may be dry.  Running or pouring water down drains (especially in the basement) will fill your trap and eliminate the odors.
Street Traffic
Only on rare occasions should someone need to enter your house, usually to respond to a complaint or verify a connection.  Always ask for ID and feel free to call and verify the person is with the project.  We want to ensure your safety.