City Council


Lancaster, OH 43130

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Name Title Email Phone
Miller-Downour, Holly Fifth Ward 740-243-7599
Hall, Jr., Orman Councilman At Large 740 243-8412
Bobbitt, Melody 1st Ward 740-653-8930
McDaniel, Don 2nd Ward 740-687-9968
Groff, Randy 3rd Ward 740-653-3334
Sandy, Teresa Clerk of Council 740-687-6616
Stoughton, Tom 4th Ward 740-687-6060
Tener, Becky 6th Ward (740) 407-8997
Uhl, David President of City Council 740-412-3957
Schoonover, Corey Councilman At Large 740-407-7253
Woodgeard, Jerry Councilman At Large 740-215-7771