2021 Paving Project

Crews repaving streets

For Questions or Assistance

Lancaster Department of Transportation

(740) 687-6668


Lancaster Engineering Department

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Contractor: The Shelly Company

Cost: $1,594,801.72


This is the eighth year of a ten-year paving program funded by a property tax levy.

The 2021 Street Improvement Program - Paving, includes the asphalt milling and resurfacing of the 3 miles of local streets including incidental curb and sidewalk replacement.

Streets include

Oakwood Ave. (E. Wheeling St. to Frederick St.)
King St. (N. High St. to N. Maple St.)
N. Mt. Pleasant Ave. (E. Sixth Ave. to E. Fair Ave.)
N. Ohio Ave. (Cedar Hill Rd. to W. Sixth Ave.)
W. Sixth Ave. (N. Shoshone Dr. to N. Ohio Ave.)
Union St. (Alameda Ct. to W. Mulberry St)
Frederick St. (Sheridan Dr. to Clayton Dr.)
E. Fair Ave. (Sheridan Dr. to End)
Alameda Ct. (Shoshone Dr. to End)
Shawnee Dr. (Cedar Hill Rd. to Union St.) 

Alternates include

Huffer Ave. (Sheridan Dr. to James Rd.)
Kerr Ave. (Sheridan Dr. to Clayton Dr.)
Clayton Dr. (Frederick St. to Lynn Dr.)
Lynn Dr. (Grandstaff Ave. to Clayton Dr.)
Medill Ave. (E. Sixth Ave to E. Fair Ave.)