Contractor Information

Effective May 27th, 2006, the Certified Building and Zoning Department will begin enforcing the 2006 Residential Code of Ohio. Copies can be obtained through the International Code Council at 888-422-7233.

To view a complete list of forms and related construction information or if you are a contractor and are looking for information on registering with the Building Department view the ”forms” icon to the left.

The Building Department provides the City of Lancaster with inspection and enforcement to ensure safe structures. The standards applied are those of the Ohio Building Code and the International Residential Code model codes.

If you provided an email address when applying for your permit, you may track the progress and or status of your permit issued by the building department. To check the status, please click on the link below. You will then need to create an account. Once you have created an account, you may view the status of your permit. 

Residential Code of Ohio

In 2005 the State of Ohio created the Residential Code of Ohio. This code must be adopted by each Certified Building Department in the State of Ohio by May 2007. When the new residential code is adopted by the City in 2007, the International Residential Code will no longer be used. The Board of Building Standards will issue information where you may purchase code books for the new Residential Code of Ohio. Each new residential project will be inspected by applying the new code standards set forth by the Board of Building Standards.

Currently skilled trade commercial contractors are required to carry a “contractor license” issued by the State of Ohio. It is our feeling at some point residential contractors will be required to carry the same type of license; therefore residential contractors should keep aware of current changes at the State level by checking the website often for new regulations that may change the way you operate.

Construction Projects

If you have a construction project and don’t know where or how to apply for permits, start by viewing our forms page. This page was designed to provide the average person and contractors the necessary information and forms to successfully apply and submit the required documents to obtain a certificate of plan approval and issued the proper permits.

If you are a homeowner and are planning a construction project it is important to understand the contractor registration program. The program was developed to protect the consumer from schemes and criminal intent by a small group of people who use illegal tactics and deception to separate you from your money.

Registered Contractors

A majority of contractors are required to register with the Building Department by posting a $15,000 surety bond and show proof of liability insurance. City ordinance mandates you hire a registered contractor. Certain penalties are imposed if unregistered contractors are discovered performing construction activities without first registering with the Building Department. If you have a question concerning a contractor please call our office.