Code Enforcement

The Enforcement of International Property Maintenance Codes(ICC), Lancaster Codified Ordinances, and Ohio Revised Codes. The Code Enforcement Department takes a multifaceted approach to abating code violations within our community.

Code Violations

Code violations range from high grass to condemnation / demolition of a dwelling. Examples of violations would be junk autos, interior sanitation (living condition), exterior sanitation, property maintenance, high grass, dog manure, and tires just to name a few.

Managing Complaints

  1. Complaint filed
  2. Onsite inspection
  3. Determination if violation or not
  4. Mailing of violation notice sent with time to repair from 3 to 30 days depending on type of violation
  5. Reinspection
  6. File charges or close case if completed

High Grass Complaints

High grass is a summer long community issue. Bank foreclosures, poor rental management, deceased owners, and careless tenant / owners cause high grass situations. High grass complaint management has greatly improved with the evolution of the Code Enforcement program.

What is done with high grass?

A high grass violation is given 3 days to remedy. If not resolved with 3 days the property in question is mowed by a city contractor. The cost of the mowing is passed onto the owner by property tax special assessments. 

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