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     We, the members of the Lancaster Fire Department,  are committed to our community by providing excellence in emergency response services, We recognize our role, and will continue the tradition of protecting and enhancing the quality of life for our citizens, and our visitors, with a focused commitment to provide well trained, highly motivated, and properly equipped personnel.

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Charles FF of the Quarter

 LFD Firefighters of the Quarter

Rich Charles has been with the Lancaster Fire Department for 28 years. 

Rich currently ranks as "Badge 1" for department seniority. 

For as long as I've been here Rich has always been well known and respected for his knowledge and experience in EMS. 

Rich has been a steadfast member of the departments EMS Committee and currently serves on the MEC Protocol and Education Committee. 

Rich is also an ems instructor, an ASHI instructor and an ASLS instructor. 

Rich took over the role of the departments supply coordinator in the beginning of 2018. 

Rich continued ordering supplies throughout a global pandemic and still to this day with what seems to be, a never­ending, international supply shortage of both mediations and equipment. While there were times Rich had to make some adjustments as to what medications we were using or how it was supplied; not once were our supplies or medications depleted to a point our service delivery was affected. Undoubtedly, Rich's role is imperative to the ems operations of this department. 

Rich has built very good relationships with our suppliers, which I believe has helped greatly in keeping our supplies stocked. 

Rich also took on a completed a project to get the new RTF Kits ordered, stocked and in service. While simultaneously developing kits to be used by roving medic for various events throughout the city. 

Recently, Rich's records and receipts for ordering and stocking of supplies and medication was reviewed by the pharmacy board. Because of Rich's attention to detail and effort we received a good review. 

Rich has been an invaluable asset to me as I move into my new role. Rich has been there to offer advice, keep me informed and answer any question I have had. I am truly grateful for this. 

Because of all this Rich Charles has been selected as the firefighter of the quarter for the 3rd quarter in 2022. 

Captain Shawn Klaameyer 

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