Income Tax

 2020 Individual income tax filing deadline has been
extended to May 17, 2021

  • 2020 Tax payment is due May 17, 2021                   
  • Quarter 1 2021 estimate is still due April 15, 2021.
 For tax preparation please call 740-687-6606 option 4, to make an appointment with the Income Tax Office.

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A new tax rate of 2.20% beginning
 January 1, 2021.

Resident taxpayers that have courtesy tax withheld should adjust their Lancaster withholdings from .75% to 1.2%.

The City of Lancaster is requiring 2020 Withholding Reconciliations with 150 or more employees to be submitted in SSA, electronic format.

Withholding payments can be remitted via our Tax Tool, mailed, submitted through GOVPAYNET with a credit card or use the Ohio Business Gateway.

Electronic filing of year-end W-2 and reconciliation information can be submitted via the Tax Tool, our Form Center (in the "Contact Us" section) or by mail. Employers with 150 or more employees must use the SSA format that includes local tax information.

As of 03/12/2020 the Online Tax Tool is available.

  • Make payments by checking account with no fee
  • File current or prior year returns
  • Upload W-2's and other tax documents
 *You will need your Lancaster City tax account number to create your WEB Login. You can call our office at 740-687-6606 to verify your account number or request an account number for new tax filers.

**For all taxpayers e-filing their return
please be sure to provide W-2's and Federal Schedules. That information can be uploaded into the Tax Tool or mailed to our office. Please be aware that your filing is NOT complete until this documentation is submitted.


Federal short-term rate for 2019 is 7%

Federal short-term rate for 2017 & 2018 is 6%