Preventing False Alarms

Prevention Tips
  • Educate family and/or employees on how to operate the alarm system.
  • Make sure that the battery back-up is good for at least 4 hours.
  • Have the alarm annually maintained and serviced by a trained certified technician.
  • Make sure you follow the proper testing recommendations set by the alarm company. Service technicians should notify the alarm company when testing and/or servicing the alarm.
  • Check the contacts on doors and windows to make sure they are clean and securely mounted.
  • Motion sensors and smoke detectors should be inspected and cleaned. Spiders, dust, insects and cobwebs will cause the alarm to go off.
  • Items within a home or business which move or cause motion may set off the alarm (i.e. pets, curtains, signs and balloons).
  • If you feel you have caused a false alarm, immediately notify your alarm and/or monitoring company and cancel the police dispatch.