Ride Along Program

  • You must write a letter to the chief of police requesting a ride along. This letter must include your full name, address, and telephone number and when you would like to ride along.
  • You must be at least 15 years of age, but riders who are under 18 years of age will require signed parental approval.
  • You cannot have been charged with or convicted of any felony crime.
  • You must be physically able to enter and exit a vehicle unassisted.
  • You are not permitted to bring weapons of any kind into city buildings or vehicles, including pepper spray or other personal defense items. This includes concealed carry permit holders.
  • You must be willing to sign a liability waiver exempting the City of Lancaster from any liability.
What to Expect During your Ride Along Experience
  • You are expected to wear business casual clothing. Business casual includes "Docker" type pants, button down or polo type shirt, sweaters. All participants must wear closed toed shoes with backs (no sandals, clogs or high heels) for safety. Shorts, jeans, t-shirts, or sweatshirts are not permitted. We reserve the right to refuse a rider based on physical ability or dress.
  • You will not be deliberately placed in dangerous situations. However, you may still encounter hazards, including but not limited to, communicable diseases, violent persons, or intense situations.
  • You are an observer and will remain uninvolved, unless the officer requests emergency assistance
  • The purpose of a ride along is to gain some understanding of Lancaster Police procedures and we encourage you to ask the officer questions.
  • You may have a photo taken of you, the officer, and the cruiser to memorialize your ride along experience, but you will require special permission for any other types of photos, videos, or sound recordings.
  • You must follow the guidance and direction of your host officer.

Ride Along Policy and Liability Waiver