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Billing Rates

The stormwater charge is based on the amount of impervious area on your property as calculated by Equivalent Residential Units (ERUs).  One ERU equals 2600 square feet of impervious area.  Single family residential properties are charged one ERU and duplex properties are charged two ERU's.  All other properties have the impervious area measured based on aerial photographs.  The total area is divided by 2600 square feet and rounded to the nearest ERU.  So a property with 26,000 square feet of impervious area of impervious area (rooftops, sidewalks, driveways, parking, gravel, etc.) would pay 26,000 square feet/2600 square feet/ERU=10 ERU.

Our current rate is $7.64/ERU per month.  Billing is handled by the Utilities Collection Office

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Credit Information

Larger stormwater customers who comply with certain activities may qualify for stormwater credits to lower their monthly bill.

If you answer yes to all 3 questions, you are eligible to participate in the credit program. 
  • Are you a business within Lancaster?
  • Are you billed for at least 13,000 square feet of impervious area?
  • Is your current storm water charge on your utility bill at least $38.20?
The credit application (PDF) contains all the information needed to apply for a credit on your storm water charge.
Impervious Area