The Public Transit Department is committed to providing safe, affordable and accessible transportation for anyone in Fairfield County.
 We are expanding again!  We now have 5 loops!  With FOUR routes in Lancaster: #1-Memorial,  #2-Main,  #3-West, , #4-Sheridan and ONE #5 ROUTE IN PICKERINGTON, with a Carroll Interchange, transportation has never been easier! These routes have fares as low as $0.25 with $0.10 TRANSFERS between routes.  For more information call 740.681.5086 or download schedules for Lancaster or Pickerington!  Also make sure to check out our NEW Saturday loop, the first Saturday of every month!  If this is your first time riding, please contact our office and we can arrange to have someone ride with you!


Children's Fees

Children age 0-4 ride free with a paid adult fare. Children age 5-14 are 1/2 price with a paid adult fare.

Interested in learning more in public transit? Check out the Ohio Public Transit Association Facebook page to keep up-to-date about transit around the state!

Trips Out of Town
Limited trips to out of town are available with a 48 hour reservation as space permits.
 Loop Fares
  • General Public: $0.50
  • Mobility Program: $0.25
  • Transfers: $0.10
Within Fairfield County
Advance Day Reservation
Same Day Service
General Public
$2 $5
Mobility Program
$1 $5
Outside Fairfield County
Advance Day Reservation
Same Day Service
10 Miles
$7.50 $10
11-20 Miles
$15 $18
21-30 Miles
$30 Schedule Permitting
31-40 Miles
$45 Schedule Permitting
41-50 Miles
$60 Schedule Permitting


Advance Trip Requests

All trips are taken on a first-come, first-serve basis. Advanced reservations may be made up to 14 days in advance and must be made at least 24 hours in advance). Advanced reservations means that you are picked up within a 15-minute window either before or after your scheduled time, and you receive the lowest eligible fare.  RESERVATIONS ARE ACCEPTED MONDAY-FRIDAY FROM 8AM-4PM by calling our office at 740.681.5086

Same-Day Reservations

We recognize that personal needs and schedules do not always allow you to schedule your ride at least a day ahead. In that case, Lancaster-Fairfield Public Transit System offers our same-day reservations service, as space permits.

A same day reservation, if space permits, may extend the pick-up wait time. LFPT has a goal to pick-up same day rides within 60 minutes, but there is no guaranteed arrival time. The same day fare is also slightly higher than advanced reservations (see fares).

Please also complete our Feedback Form after your trip so we can continue to provide a quality service for the citizens of our city. 

Also, if you have a complaint.Our Complaint form is here, which can be submitted to our Service Safety Director. 

Loop Routes 

Lancaster-Fairfield Public Transit offers five deviated-fixed routes that run hourly loops Monday-Friday with numerous stops each hour.  There are no reservations required, simply be at the stop prior to each stop time (posted) and have your cash fare ready. For detailed route information follow the links below or call our office at 740-681-5086 or see the maps/schedules above.

Connector Services