Capacity Fees and Tap Charges

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Capacity Charges

Capacity Fees are charged for new connections to the sanitary sewer system as well as properties that increase the size of their sewer tap.  Capacity charges are linked to the size of the water meter as a measure of the maximum amount of sewage a facility can discharge.  Capacity Fees are collected before a sewer tap is allowed to be made.  Capacity fees represent the invested cost of the sewer system and treatment plants.

Capacity Fees will change January 1, 2023.  See changes here.

Inside Corporation

  • 5/8 or /4-inch $5,789.00
  • 1-inch:  $9,842.00
  • 1 1/2-inch:  $19,104.00
  • 2-inch;  $30,683.00
  • 4-inch;  $96,680.00
  • 6-inch:  $192,782.00
  • 8-inch:  $308,566.00
  • 10-inch:  $810,493.00
  • 12-inch:  $1,022,958.00
  • >12-inches Determined on individual basis

Outside Corporation

  • 5/8 or 3/4-inch:  $8,684.00
  • 1-inch:  $14,763.00
  • 1 1/2-inch:  $28,657.00
  • 2-inch:  $46,024.00
  • 4-inch:  $145,020.00
  • 6-inch:  $289,172.00
  • 8-inch:  $462,849.00
  • 10-inch:  $1,215,740.00
  • 12-inch:  $1,534,437.00
  • > 12-inch Determined on individual basis

Capacity Charge Credits

Capacity charges may be reduced if the owner of the property can show that a special assessment has been paid for a sewer benefit.  A credit will also be given for a redevelopment property where a previous tap existed.  The cost of the redevelopment credit will be based on the previous water meter size.

Tap Fees

Tap fees are charged for new connections to the sanitary sewer even if an existing tap is utilized.  The fee offsets the cost of inspections.  Tap fees are based on the type of development and the number of units proposed.


  • Single Family $25.00
  • Multifamily Building 1st Unit $50.00
  • Each additional unit in Building $10.00


  • First Unit up to 15,000 square feet or part thereof $50.00
  • Additional units 40,000 square feet or part thereof $50.00


  • per unit of 40,000 square feet or part thereof $50.00


  • Trunk Sewer Tap Surcharge $100.00
  • Inspection of existing tap $50.00