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We all have a medicine cabinet full of bottles of pills, syrups and ointments.  So what do we do with them when we are done with them.  The answer is not to flush them down the drain or toilet.  Even modern Water Pollution Control Facilities are not designed to remove medications.  So when you flush medicine down the drain it passes through the treatment plant and out to the stream.  And the medicine that makes you well can harm fish and other wild life.  Your best bet is to dispose of medications at a medication drop of day sponsored by the Police Department or at a local pharmacy.  You can also mix the medication with water, seal it in the container or a plastic bag and deposit it in the trash.

Under Ohio EPA rules Effective August 21, 2019 businesses including doctor's offices, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and nursing homes from flushing, pouring, or draining hazardous pharmaceutical wastes down a toilet, sink, tub, or other drains as a disposal option.

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Disposal of Medication
Flushing of Hazardous Pharmaceuticals is Prohibited by U.S. EPA