Certified Sites

Lancaster is host to one of Fairfield County’s Ady-Austin Certified Sites, the Rock Mill Industrial Park, and JKB Innovation Park (formerly Ewing Business Park).

Rockmill Industrial Park

The city’s infrastructure at Rock Mill provides a dual pipeline served water system with more than 2 million GPD of capacity, an 8,” 125-psi natural gas pipeline with 18,000 Dth per day capacity, access to multiple interstate pipelines from the Gulf of Mexico and Wyoming supply basins, and wastewater pipelines, all designed and installed with industrial needs considered.



JKB Innovation Park (formerly Ewing Street Business Park)

The city’s infrastructure currently provides 6” and 4,” 34-psi natural gas pipeline with 1,000 Dth per day capacity. However, the city’s infrastructure has the capacity to provide additional natural gas supply to this site through a 12” diameter pipeline just north of the site, making the total capacity available 3,000 Dth per day. This extension can occur within a two month time period and would be completed at no cost to the end user.Features: