A Ready and Loyal Workforce

Lancaster's readily available workforce is not only prepared to meet the needs of current and future businesses and industries, but is looking to do so here in Fairfield County.

  • A regional workforce totaling nearly one million.
  • A student base of 80,000 from the main campuses of The Ohio State University and Ohio University.
  • Traditional and non-traditional educational opportunities available through Ohio University's Lancaster Campus, which tailor course offerings to meet the changing needs of local employers.
  • A two-campus career and technical school district, Fairfield Career Center and Lancaster City Schools Vocational Program

Talent Availability

Within a 30 minute drivetime of Lancaster, Ohio, there are 3,360 jobs and 6,378 employed residents in relevant occupations. The top jobs and wages by occupation in a 30-minute drivetime area include: 
  • Mechanical Engineering Technicians | $25.59 Median Hourly Wage
  • Electricians | $20.00 Median Hourly Wage
  • Industrial Machinery Installation, Repair, and Maintenance Workers |  $22.13 Median Hourly Wage
  • Industrial Machinery Mechanics | $22.38 Median Hourly Wage
  • Prepress Technicians and Workers | $19.92 Median Hourly Wage

Fairfield County Commuter Maps

Commute by distance for workers in the area: 
  • 42.6% commute less than 10 miles
  • 33.4% commute 10-24 miles
  • 13.0% commute 25-50 miles
  • 11.1% commute 50+ miles

Fairfield County Commuters Going from Home to Work

Fairfield County Commute Map_Home to Work

Fairfield County Commuters Going from Work to Home

Fairfield County Commute Map_Work to Home