Tornado Siren Announcement

Weekly Tests
Each Wednesday of every week the sirens will automatically be activated for a duration of 30 seconds. If severe weather is forecast, or is observed in the area, the weekly test will be postponed until the next weekly noon test to avoid confusion.

The weekly tests are conducted to test the operation of the sirens and to familiarize the citizens with the sound of the siren, should a tornado ever strike.

Intentions of Sirens
Tornado sirens have been installed to alert the citizens of Lancaster who may be outdoors during the time a tornado warning is issued by the National Weather Service for Lancaster or Fairfield County. The sirens are not intended to alert people indoors during a warning. It is highly recommended that each residence, business, school and church purchase weather alert radios that are automatically activated during severe weather occurrences.

Using Sirens in a Tornado Warning
If the National Weather Service issues a tornado warning for Lancaster or Fairfield County, the sirens will sound continuously for 3 minutes. The sirens will then silence for 7 minutes and again sound for 3 minutes. This cycle will continue throughout the warning time period.

When the warning has expired or has been canceled, the sirens will silence.

Note: There is no all clear signal or sound, when the warning has been canceled or the warning time has expired.

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