Stormwater Management Plan

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2022 Stormwater Management Plan

The City of Lancaster operates the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System under a Stormwater Management Plan in accordance with the requirements of the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.  The plan covers six Best Management Practices.

Public Awareness-making the public aware of stormwater issues in the community and involving them in decisions.

Public Education-providing education programs to the community and targeted groups to help them understand stormwater issues and steps they can take to minimize pollution.

Construction Stormwater Management-regulating stormwater discharges during construction to minimize erosion and sediment that may impact streams.

Post Construction Stormwater Management-regulating stormwater discharges after construction to minimize pollutants that may impact water quality and to regulate flows that may impact water quantity.

Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination-Identifying sources of pollution that originate from the storm water system and eliminating them to protect our streams.

Good Housekeeping Procedures-ensure that City Departments operate in a manner that minimizes pollution from stormwater discharges from City sites and activities.  This program includes salt management for winter operations as well as street sweeping and system maintenance.

A copy of our annual report to the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency can be found here