Minor Subdivisions

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Minor subdivisions or "lot splits" are used to divide a large parcel into smaller lots for development or transfer to another owner.  To qualify for a minor subdivision 

  • Has frontage on an existing improved public right of way
  • Creates no more than five lots including the remainder of the original lot
  • Does not adversely affect adjoining land
  • Complies with Ohio Revised Code 711
The process is relatively simple.  The minor subdivision application is submitted to the Lancaster City Engineering Department along with a copy of the original deed, a survey showing the proposed divisions and proposed deeds for the division and the proper fee.

If the complete minor subdivision application complies with the zoning code and the subdivision regulations, it can be approved usually within 30 days.  If a variance is required, approval from Lancaster City Planning Commission is required but can still be accomplished usually within 90 days.

If you have questions, the staff will be glad to look at a sketch of your proposal before you go to the expense of an attorney and surveyor. Minor subdivisions are administered by the City Engineering Department.

Here are the

Minor Subdivision Application
Subdivision Regulations
Zoning Regulations