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A rezoning application has been received for the Timbertop area on North Columbus Street.  For more information see the Timbertop Rezoning page on the left
While the zoning regulations set the rules, the zoning map identifies what rules apply to your property.  Like most communities the City of Lancaster is broken into Residential, Commercial, and Industrial zoning classifications with additional overlays for Historic District, Wellhead Protection, Special Flood Hazard and Planned Unit Developments.  You can find the zoning map here.
Zoning Districts
  • Residential Estates (RE)
  • Residential Single Family 1 (RS-1)
  • Residential Single Family 2 (RS-2)
  • Residential Single Family 3 (RS-3)
  • Residential Single Family 4 (RS-4)
  • Multifamily 1 (MF-1)
  • Multifamily 2 (MF-2)
  • Multifamily 3 (MF-3)
  • Multifamily 4 (MF-4)
  • Commercial Neighborhood (CN)
  • Commercial General (CG)
  • Commercial High Intensity (CH)
  • Central Business District (CBD)
  • Industrial Light (IL)
  • Industrial Medium (IM)
  • Industrial Heavy (IH)
Overlay Districts
  • Historic District
  • Planned Unit Development
  • Special Flood Hazard Area
  • Wellhead Protection Zones
You can request a change of zoning classification or "rezoning".  The rezoning process requires a public hearing by the Lancaster City Planning Commission which will make a recommendation to the Lancaster City Council.  Lancaster City Council must also hold a public hearing.  This process can usually be completed within 90-120 days.  A rezoning application can be found here.

You can also request a Special Exception or variance from the Board of Zoning Appeals.