Lawrence Street Wetland

Project History

In 2011, the City completed construction of it's new state of the art Upper Hocking Water Pollution Control Facility which is designed to intercept flows from several existing separate sanitary sewered areas before they enter the combined sewer system. The development of this facility was a tremendous step forward towards the City's goal of creating cleaner waters above and below the surface. However, construction of this facility came at a cost to the environment that existed there before the structure was built. As a result of environmental mitigation for the project, the Lawrence Street Wetland was born!
This wetland of 1.24 acres is located near the Lawrence Street Water Pollution Control Facility at the corner of Lawrence and Ewing Streets and adjacent to the left-descending bank of the Hocking River. 

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What is Wetland Mitigation?

Land development and other human activities that require dredging, filling, and construction in wetland and surface water resources can result in significant impacts on the environment. Wetland mitigation is wetland enhancement, restoration, creation and/or preservation that serves to offset these unavoidable wetland impacts. It may also be referred to as compensatory mitigation.
The purpose of mitigation is to achieve no net loss of wetland functions and values from development projects. Mitigation is required as a condition of many permits issued under state and federal law. The goal of wetland mitigation is to replace wetland functions that provide public benefits, such as flood storage, water quality protection, fish and wildlife habitat and groundwater recharge. These benefits should compensate for the functional loss resulting from the permitted wetland impact. Mitigation activities may include, but are not limited to, onsite mitigation, offsite mitigation, offsite regional mitigation, and the purchase of mitigation credits from permitted mitigation banks. Our Lawrence Street Wetland is an example of offsite mitigation. 
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