Construction Stormwater Permits

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The City of Lancaster does not issue construction stormwater permits, but relies on Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWP3) approved with the construction plans and on the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency General Construction Stormwater Permit.

For sites over one acre or part of a larger development that is over one acre, the developer must receive coverage under an Ohio Environmental Permit.  It is strongly recommended that each contractor also receive coverage as a co-permitee.

Sites under one acre that are not part of a larger development are not required to receive permit coverage.  They are required to conform to Best Management Practices for erosion and sediment control.

If you are building a home you may be required to obtain coverage under a single lot permit, unless your homebuilder already has coverage under the subdivision development.  As part of your building permit, you will be advised if a separate permit is required.  Erosion and sediment control requirements will also be developed and included as part of your plan approval. 
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Erosions and Sediment Control

This doesn't mean we are indifferent to erosion and sediment control.  Our erosion and sediment control standards are found in Lancaster Codified Ordinance Chapter 919.  Our process starts when detailed site plans are submitted.  We will review and approve your SWP3 for compliance with our regulations.  Once construction starts we will make erosion and sediment control inspections at your site to insure compliance.  After each inspection you will receive a report outlining deficiencies.  Failure to address deficiencies may result in enforcement actions ranging from stop work orders to legal action to verified complaints to the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.

For projects with post construction detention or retention facilities, we will also perform an annual inspection for compliance.  You will receive a report outlining deficiencies and corrective actions.