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Zoning Maps are found at the bottom of the page.

Regulations for the use of land are codified in the Lancaster Zoning Code.  The City of Lancaster initially adopted a zoning code in 1939.  In 2001 the zoning code was completely revised to meet the needs of 21st century development.  Like most codes, it is divided into Residential, Commercial and Industrial sections with provisions for Planned Unit Developments as well as overlays for our Historic District, Wellhead Protection areas and our Special Flood Hazard areas.  Changes to the zoning code or zoning map are governed by the City Planning Commission.

A zoning clearance is required for any new structure, new business or the change of use of a property.  The clearance process insures that the proposed use or building meets the requirements of the zone code and does not impact surrounding properties.

The code may not be a perfect fit for every property.  In these cases, a variance or special exception may be requested from the Board of Zoning Appeals.

Zoning Code, Maps and Forms

To access the interactive map click Zoning Maps here.