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What permits are required to locate a business in an existing building?
  • Zoning Clearance -appointment with the zoning inspector required
  • Occupancy Permit(s) -occupancy inspection required and additional requirements if the proposed “Use Group” differs from the existing or if the current building will be altered in anyway
  • Sign Permit -required for outdoor signs and banners
  • Development Permit -for construction on sites in FEMA regulated special flood hazard areas.
  • Wellhead Protection Registration -required when located in zone 1 or zone 2, contact Environmental Engineering at 687-6614 for information
  • Grease Trap –contact Water Pollution Control at 687-6664 and the Fairfield Health Department at 653-4489 for information
  • Food Service Permit -regulated by the Fairfield Department of Health at 653-4489
  • Water Tap – if altering the existing water tap, contact Water Department at 687-6631
  •  Sanitary Sewer – if installing grease trap or increasing water tap size contact Water Pollution Control at 687-6664
  • What permits are needed to construct a new commercial building?
    • Zoning Clearance –required before construction begins, appointment with zoning inspector required
    • Submit Plans and Specifications –apply for permits and complete inspections. Permits must be issued prior to beginning of  construction
    • Water Tap- applications in our office. Contact Water Department at 687-6631 for fees related to the actual TAP to the main water system
    • Sanitary Sewer- application and maps in our office. Contact Engineering at 687-6614 for availability and capacity information
    • Curb Cut/Driveway Permit- application in our office. Must be submitted with the construction application. If curb cut is not in a new subdivision, then the Engineering Department must review the plan prior to application with the Building Department
    • Wellhead Protection Registration- if new construction is within WHPP zones 1 or 2, contact Environmental Engineering at 687-6614
    • Development Permit for Special Flood Hazard Area -if new construction is within FEMA regulated special flood hazard areas.
    • Grease Trap Permit –for food service or auto/truck repair facilities. Contact Water Pollution at 687-6664 for more information
    • Construction Site Stormwater –if construction is over one acre disturbed. Submit stormwater plans to Engineering Department
    • Site Plan Development Approval –must be approved prior to construction, submit copies to Engineering Department