Meet The Chief

Maffin, Steve

Chief of Department 
 Steve Maffin


Steve Maffin was sworn in by Mayor David Scheffler on June 17th, 2022 as the Chief of Lancaster Fire Department. The Lancaster Fire Department is the largest career department in Fairfield County Ohio. Chief Maffin oversees a department with approximately 80 career members and operating budget of $13 million dollars.

Chief Maffin is a 1990 graduate of Nelsonville-York high school. Following graduation, he enrolled in EMT and firefighter training at Hocking College where he earned his paramedic and firefighter certifications. Prior to joining the Lancaster Fire Department, he worked as paramedic and firefighter in Athens County.

Steve joined the Lancaster Fire Department on April 18, 1994 where he had spent the first 14 years as a medic prior to his first promotion. During his time as a medic, he was part of a committee that was instrumental in the first major overhaul of the medical protocol in many years. He also assumed the role of the department’s training coordinator with the Ohio Division of EMS, a responsibility he has maintained until his promotion to chief.

 He was promoted to Lieutenant on June 23, 2008, then Captain on February 15, 2012. In the fall of 2019 he took over as the 40-hour EMS Captain, where he maintained his role of training officer, along with all responsibilities of EMS operations including HIPAA privacy officer, infection control, and primary contact with the leadership and other 16 departments in the medical direction consortium. He has been active with the various MEC committees including MEC Coordinators, MEC Chiefs, and infection control.

 He was promoted to Assistant Chief on September 19, 2020 where he has continued to oversee EMS operations and training, along with a long list of administrative duties.

 In addition to the fire department, Steve worked at Medflight of Ohio for 16 years as a critical care MICU and flight paramedic. As a state certified EMS instructor he also taught EMS classes both internally and externally for Medflight.

 He has also taught EMS classes for various organizations throughout the state, including the Ohio Fire Academy, Buckeye Hills Career Center, Grant Hospital’s Paramedic program, and Hocking College, where he was the Clinical Coordinator for seven years.

 He has earned an Associate’s Degree in Fire & Emergency Services from Hocking College, and a Bachelor’s degree in Public Safety Management from Franklin University.