2015 Street Paving and Maintenance

Street Paving and Maintenance Projects 2015
Street Name From To Status
 Rainbow Dr. Sheridan Dr. SR 188  Completed
 Wheeling Rd. SR 188 Easterly Corp. Limit  Completed
 Marietta Rd. SR 188 Easterly Corp. Limit  Completed
 Sells Rd. Marietta Rd. Wheeling Rd.  Completed
 W. Fair Ave. Memorial Dr. Railroad Tracks  Completed
 Collins Rd. W. Fair Ave. Railroad Tracks  Completed
 Intersection Pierce Ave. W. Fair Ave.  Completed
 Pearl St. E. Chestnut St. E. Wheeling St. Completed
 W. Fair Ave.  Railroad Tracks Westerly Corp. Limit  Completed
 Independence Blvd. Rainbow Dr. Valley Forge  Completed
 Allen St. N. High St. N. Broad St. Completed

 *E. Fair Ave. Chip Seal*

The chip seal project on E. Fair Ave. is a TEMPORARY surface treatment.  E. Fair Ave. is a STP eligible street which means it is eligible for funding at 80% Federal dollars and 20% Local dollars.  However, it is not programmed until approximately 2018 so in order to preserve the remaining surface and base under the road a chip seal surface was applied.  This will prevent further deterioration and significantly decrease the number of potholes until the Federal dollars become available and the road can receive a new asphalt surface.

Please contact the Department of Transportation with any questions at 740-687-6668