Q2Power Testimonial

Christopher Nelson, CEO of Q2Power & logo

When we needed a home for our company, Lancaster had what we needed both now and in the future…

Our strong, technically proficient manufacturer – Precision CNC – was in the process of locating in Lancaster when we were determining where to locate.  As we began considering Lancaster, we realized quickly that the city’s Economic Development department had a strong grasp on the needs and requirements of a small business needing space and capital to grow.

For us, in our company’s development stage, we weren’t quite ready to build a brand new facility. However, the fact that we could build two to five years down the road without displacing our workforce was incredibly appealing.  The city offered land that was shovel-ready, with financing in place to build our facility when the time was right – and there are very few towns with those capabilities.

As we got to know the city, we realized that for a small community, Lancaster has so many tools that provide a great mix of flexibility and knowledgeable authority to help a company build and grow.

Additionally, we find extremely skilled, diligent, competent employees in the community. The local workforce spans the spectrum of our needs – from ideas and design to production. Because it’s located equidistance between Ohio State and Ohio University, there is a virtually endless supply of engineering talent, which we need. We have also found a fantastic technical workforce of mechanics, welders, and metal workers to build our product – and we’ve had zero turnover.

-Christopher Nelson, CEO, Q2Power