Phoenix ElectroteK


Lancaster has spoiled us…

We came to Lancaster in 2008, and at the time of our acquisition, we had a five year lease in place. In that five years, we learned about the community and its people and there was no question when the lease came up, we would put down deeper roots here.  

Our most important resource is our labor – and the Lancaster community has provided a hard-working, high quality labor pool for us. Because the cost of living is lower in Lancaster than our other manufacturing locations, labor rates are less, but our employees still have a very good quality of life. We have found that if we train them, treat them right and pay them fairly, we have very little turnover – and that stability is priceless to our company.

We also have strong professional service partners in the community – high quality legal, banking, accounting and other services that support our business.

We operate businesses in other communities and other countries - and Lancaster has spoiled us. From helping us find land to providing incentives for us to expand our operations, Lancaster has been the most involved, most proactive, most dedicated community we've worked with. I want the process to be as simple as it is in Lancaster everywhere. I realize now just how much Mike Pettit took off of my plate - it was not only seamless, but easier than I thought it ever could be.

-Duane Astrauskas, CEO, Phoenix ElectroteK