Why Choose Lancaster?

Because everyone wants to be part of the next big thing.
And we're the next big thing.

We have the industrial support, workforce support and community support to help you succeed now and in the long-term.

Industrial Support:
  • Local job shops including machining and CNC
  • Specialty and trades to support construction and maintenance of your facility
  • Services providers in a wide spectrum of areas that know the community and can help you get to know it quickly too
  • Utility providers that are flexible, responsive and competitively priced 
  • Certified sites with local authorities who know the locations inside and out to get you productive sooner
Workforce Support
  • A pool of highly skilled employees with Midwestern values and work ethic.
  • A responsive, local branch campus of Ohio University that is providing customized workforce training to meet our community's needs now and in the future. This includes certification and on-site training programs and two- and four-year degree programs. 
  • Two local award-winning career tech programs through Fairfield Career Center and Lancaster High School.
Our Community
  • Supported comprehensive street and infrastructure improvements that will repair and upgrade roadways throughout the community within the next few years.
  • Is currently constructing five new state-of-the-art elementary schools to open in the next two years, which will educate our future workforce.
  • Has a thriving, revitalized downtown and outlying commerce areas full of vitality, culture and excitement.