Fetters Run Stream Restoration

Project Summary
Originating in the fields north of town, Fetter’s Run flows through the near east side of Lancaster. The stream is approximately five miles in length in its entirety, two miles of which lie inside the Lancaster Corporation Boundary. The run flows south until it converges with Ewing Run to form Baldwin Run. Baldwin Run then continues into the Hocking River. The Stream Restoration project is to restore a 2.2 mile section of Fetter's Run.  Work will involve five different methods; Debris removal, invasive species management, channel enhancement, bank stabilization, and riparian corridor plantings. Designed to address the stream characteristics, this restoration is necessary to get the segment into compliance with Warm Water Habitat requirements set by the Ohio EPA as well as improve the areas of aggression and erosion that should be fixed to maintain healthy stream and stable corridor.

Projects Completed to Date

Lanreco Park Stream Restoration
East Sixth Avenue Manhole Stabilization
Fetters Run at Lancaster High School Manhole Statbilization
Fetters Run Before

Upcoming Projects

Fetters Run at OU-L Stream Restoration

Fetters Run After