Fetters Run Stream Restoration

Project Summary
The purpose of this project is to restore a 2.2 mile section of Fetter's Run in five different areas; Debris removal, invasive species management, channel enhancement, bank stabilization, and riparian corridor plantings. Designed to address the stream characteristics, this restoration is necessary to get the segment into compliance with Warm Water Habitat requirements set by the Ohio EPA as well as improve the areas of aggression and erosion that should be fixed to maintain healthy stream and stable corridor.

Improvements to Lanreco Park are also in planning stages to help improve the area of the project as a whole.
  1. Then
No previous projects have taken place on Fetter's. But the stream has a huge issue with erosion, and the project sight suffers from undercutting and severe channelization. These are coupled by a lack of riffle-run-pool complexes throughout the section and a sharp turn in the stream course. This change has led the stream to flow mostly along the northern side of the channel, undercutting the retaining wall that is there. A slight lack of canopy in a few spots leads to warm pockets of water. The retaining walls along both sides of the stream are grown over with invasive and weeds;both are in need of repairing or removal.
  1. Now
Construction has started on the Fetters Run restoration project.
The first step of the project has been the removal of the plants from the north side of the stream and the removal of the playground equipment and basketball court.