2016 Tarhe Run Map Update

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is proposing a revision to the Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) for the Tarhe Run area of the City.  The revision will remove a significant number of properties from the Special Flood Hazard Area and reduce flood insurance rates for that area.

Revisions to the Flood Maps for Tarhe Run will be effective July 19, 2018

Questions or Assistance

 Engineering Department
121 E. Chestnut Street
Suite 100
Lancaster, OH 43130


Schedule for Revision

While this is welcome news, the revision process is a long process.  There are several steps to revise a map

January 4-February 3, 2016 Non-Technical Comment Period to correct map names, roads and boundaries

May 20 and May 27 2016 Public Notice of Preliminary Map Revisions

May 27-January 19, 2018 Public Appeals Period

​January 19, 2018 Map Revisions Approved

​July 19, 2018 Map Revisions Effective

Appeals Process

Appeals to the maps may be made on the basis of technical or scientific corrections supported by studies or by documented changes to the floodplain.

A copy of the appeals form along with two copies of the documentation must be submitted to the Lancaster City Engineer, 121 E. Chestnut St, Suite 100, Lancaster OH 43130 by 4 pm on August 25, 2016.

The City of Lancaster only administers the flood maps and is not a party to the mapping process and cannot make changes to the maps.  Only FEMA can make changes to the maps.