Park Street and Locust/Ewing Street Sewer Rehabilitation Project

The City of Lancaster has entered into a contract with Inland Water Pollution Control (IWPC) out of Detroit, Michigan to perform the rehabilitation of a sanitary sewer on E. Locust and S. Ewing Streets and a combined sewer on Park Street. See maps below for specific locations of sewers to be rehabbed.

The rehabilitation on this project is being accomplished with cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) technology. In CIPP construction, a liner is impregnated with resin and pulled through the existing sewer. Heated water cures the resin, and then cooled water hardens the liner to make a structurally sound pipe inside the existing sewer pipe. Once the resin is cured, a remote cutter is used to cut through the liner as necessary to reconnect the sanitary sewer service lines. The major advantage of this technology is that it allows us to rehab the sewer with very little excavation because the sewer is lined through the existing manholes. When compared to the traditional open-cut, CIPP technology should allow us to complete the project sooner and minimize the issues of street closures, noise, and dust.

The CIPP process will be done on a section by section basis, with each section requiring multiple days to complete. The contractor will first be on-site to clean, videotape, and grout the inside of the sewer. Then, if it is considered necessary, the contractor will be conducting point repairs of critical sections of pipe that cannot be lined through in its current condition. After this, the contractor will begin the process of lining the sewer. Once the process of inserting the liner starts, it will be around the clockwork until the curing is completed and connections are restored. During this time period, residents/businesses in the area of the work can expect some traffic disruptions and/or closings, on-street parking restrictions, construction-related noise, odors (please note that the odors from the lining process, while not toxic, can sometimes be fairly strong), and sanitary service disruption.

The most significant impact this project will have is the disruption of sanitary sewer service for residences/businesses connected into the sewers being lined. On this project, residents/businesses in the Locust/Ewing Street area will have their services disrupted for up to eight (8) hours, while residences/businesses in the Park Street area will have their services disrupted for up to thirty-six (36) hours. Once the lining of the sewer has begun, the sanitary sewer service line will be effectively blocked and there will be no way for water to leave the homes/businesses. During this period, affected residents/businesses will not be allowed to use water for toilets, sinks, showers, laundry, dishwashers, or any other purpose that drains into the sewer system. Sump pumps, refrigerators, dehumidifiers, and other appliances that discharge to the sewer will need to be disconnected. In the Park Street area, the sewer being lined is a combined sewer that may also have stormwater connections into it, so any pipes on private property (such as downspouts from gutters) that may convey stormwater runoff to this sewer shall be blocked or disconnected as well.

Water will still be available for drinking and cooking purposes, but it cannot be drained during construction. Residents/businesses may also notice cloudy or rusty water during construction. We recommend that affected residents/businesses store at least one gallon of water per person so that they do not need to use the faucet or sink while the sewer is blocked. We also strongly encourage affected residents/businesses to cover their drains and toilets during the disruption to block any odors during construction and serve as a reminder not to put anything down the drains. For more information on preparation, please view this Powerpoint. Prior to the service interruption, affected residents/businesses will receive a notification from IWPC, in the form of a door hanger, with the exact date(s) and time(s) of the interruption.

For the Park Street portion of the project, due to the length of the service disruption that will occur, the City has contracted with Porta-Kleen to have temporary shower and restroom facilities within that neighborhood during the lining process. Furthermore, the City is intending to have a police patrol in that neighborhood when these temporary sanitary facilities will be in use. No temporary facilities are being provided on the Locust/Ewing Street portion of the project.

Please keep in mind that if any residents/businesses utilize their sewer while their service is blocked, they risk a sewer backup into their home/business. The City will NOT be liable for any sewage backups during this project.


Locust/Ewing Street Sewer to be Lined

Park Street Sewer to be Lined

Temporary Facilities Fairgrounds Segment

Temporary Facilities Columbus to Forest Rose

Temporary Facilities Forest Rose to Olds

​Temporary Facilities Olds to West of Memorial


​Stormwater Engineer
​(740) 687-6614

Project Timeline (Last updated 2:15pm September 11, 2019)

COMPLETED Clean/CCTV/Grout Ewing and Locust Street Sewer
COMPLETED CIPP line Ewing Street sewer (Walnut to Locust) 
COMPLETED CIPP Line Locust Street Sewer (Ewing to east of Della)
COMPLETED CIPP Line Locust Street Sewer (west of Ewing to west of Della)
Unknown CIPP Line Locust Street Sewer (west of Della to Brooks)
COMPLETED Clean/CCTV/Grout Park Street Sewer
COMPLETED CIPP Line Park Street Sewer (Fairgrounds Segment)
COMPLETED CIPP Line Park Street Sewer (Columbus to Forest Rose Segment)
COMPLETED CIPP Line Park Street Sewer (Forest Rose to Olds Segment)
COMPLETED CIPP Line Park Street Sewer (Olds to West of Memorial Segment)