Cherokee Drive Improvement Project

Flooded street due to Cherokee project

Cherokee Drive Drainage Improvements Project

The Cherokee Drive Drainage Improvements Project involves the construction of over 4,700 feet of storm sewers in order to both address existing drainage issues and separate an existing combined sewer area, which will reduce the number and magnitude of combined sewer overflows (CSOs) into the Hocking River from CSO 1004.  This project is mandated by the Ohio EPA under the City’s Long Term Control Plan.

Construction of the storm sewers will occur in three phases.  

Phase 1 involves construction on Lawrence Street (between Baldwin Run and Wyandotte Street), Wyandotte Street (between Lawrence Street and E. Walnut Street), and E. Walnut Street (between Wyandotte Street and Edgewood Park).  

Phase 2 involves construction within Mary Burnham Park.  

Phase 3 involves construction on Cherokee Drive and S. Eastwood Avenue (between Cherokee Drive and E. Chestnut Street).  
During the project, construction of the Phase 1 storm sewer will require the closure of Lawrence Street.  Traffic to all driveways within the project area will be maintained throughout the project, although you should expect some delays and short term closings.  You should also expect that on-street parking will be restricted at various times throughout the project as it progresses.  Portions of Mary Burnham Park and its gravel parking lot will be off-limits to the public until the construction of Phase 2 work is completed.  

Phase 1 work is expected to begin in mid-February and be completed by mid-April 2018.  Phase 2 work is expected to begin in early-March and be completed by the end of April 2018.  Phase 3 work is expected to begin in late-April and be completed by the end of July 2018.  As usual, the timing of all work is weather permitting.  The contractor on the project is Rock River Construction from Lancaster, Ohio.

Proposed STS map