Trash Collection Guidelines

In order for your trash cart to be serviced, the following guidelines must be met:

  • Residential garbage is collected 1 day per week on your scheduled pick up day.

  • All trash must be placed inside the trash cart, with the lid closed.

  • Additional trash cannot be stacked on top of the trash cart.

  • Trash carts must be placed at street edge or alley with lid opening facing the street and the wheels toward the residence.

  • Trash carts must be placed at least 3 feet from any tree, pole, mailbox, etc. and at least 10 feet from parked cars. Multiple trash carts must be spaced 3 feet apart.

  • Trash carts must be set out at the curb or alley by 7:30am on your scheduled pickup day and must be removed from the curb or alley by 7:00pm the day of pickup.

  • No other bags, cans or containers will picked up without an additional fee.

  • Special and hazardous wastes including, but not limited to tires, car batteries, liquids, concrete, metal pipes, building materials, rocks, and dirt will NOT be collected.