General Information

Lancaster Police Department Citizens Police Academy

General Information


General Requirements

  • Students must be 18 years of age.
  • Attendance is required; however, a student may receive two authorized absences.
  • The minimum number of students required for an academy class will be 10.
  • The maximum number of students allowed for an academy class will be 20.
  • Students must complete an application and pass a background check.
  • Students must complete all waivers before attending an academy class.
  • Students must complete a four-hour ride along with a Lancaster Police Officer.
  • This class does not certify you as a Peace Officer for the state of Ohio.

Disqualifiers – The following is a partial list of offenses that may disqualify one from being accepted into an academy class. 

  • Any felony level offenses.
  • Offenses of violence.
  • Offenses involving weapons.
  • Offenses involving narcotics.

Student Benefits

  • Students will receive an overall understanding of the operation of the Lancaster Police Department.
  • Students will receive insight and knowledge of the “how” and “why” of day to day police functions.
  • Academy classes will help create a greater awareness for the student of the police role in their neighborhoods.
  • Students will receive information and strategies that will help them work with other citizens in their area regarding police matters.
  • Students will learn how to effectively work in partnership with police to make their neighborhoods safer.
  • Upon graduation students could become an active member with the Lancaster Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association.