Blue Label Digital Printing

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Our firm has been continuously operating in Lancaster since 1957, and we don’t plan on moving any time soon. Lancaster is an exceptional location from a logistics standpoint. It’s central position allows us to reach our customers across the continental US, from California to Maine, in a cost-effective manner.

As technology focused company, high caliber team members are crucial to our success. With a large number of educational institutions nearby, like Ohio State University, Ohio University, Columbus State, and many more, we have access to a large pool of educated talent in the commutable range of our facility. This, combined with the strong manufacturing ethos of Lancaster, gives us a large supply of skilled, motivated individuals to accommodate our company’s recent growth.

When it came time to expand our facility, the city of Lancaster was a huge help to us. Lancaster Economic Development put us in touch with the people and resources we needed and made the decision to continue growing in Lancaster a very easy choice. Lancaster is a great community for a growing business, and we’re happy to call it home.

- Andrew M. Boyd, President, Blue Label Packaging Company