Payment Options for accounts NOT in Collections with the below listed entities

Please do not make payments to our tax office for billings from the Ohio Attorney General or Keith Weiner & Assoc. (KWA)

--COLLECTIONS--        Attorney General 

Effective November 25, 2019 the City of Lancaster entered into an agreement with the Ohio Attorney General for collection of delinquent income tax balances. If your account is delinquent and you receive communication from the Attorney General's office, you must contact the Local Government Collections Team directly at 888-871-8838. Staff at the City of Lancaster will not be able to assist you in resolving this debt.

--COLLECTIONS--            Keith D. Weiner & Associates Co., L.P.A.

Keith D. Weiner & Associates (KWA) is a law firm that collects debt for the City of Lancaster. If you receive communication from KWA, you may contact them at 216-771-6500 or 866-368-6500 to discuss your debt and/or payments.