Solar Power

Step-By-Step Guide to Solar in Lancaster

Lancaster welcomed our first solar project in 2010. Currently, there are over 40 solar projects in our city!

Is solar energy right for my home or business?

Good question! As the solar economy grows across the world, communities are embracing the opportunity to support clean, green power.

In this Step-By-Step Solar Guide, we make sure you are asking the right questions about solar energy. There are many factors to consider when deciding to go solar, so we’ve assembled an easy guide to streamline the process of going solar in Lancaster.

Click here to view residential solar projects in our community!


Step 1: Research

Deciding on Solar: Visit the resources below to explore what solar could look like for you. 

Solar Providers and Installers: Visit the resources below to view tips for choosing a solar provider and compare solar providers in Lancaster. 

Financing Solar: Visit the resources below to discover financing options and incentives for going solar in the state of Ohio. Be sure to research financing options regarding your solar provider.

Consumer Protection: Protect yourself and your solar investment. View the resources below to learn what protections you are afforded as a consumer of solar. 

State Policies: Solar Access, HOAs, and UOAs

To view state policies regarding solar and HOAs, please click here.

Step 2: Approvals and Installation

Use the Lancaster Solar Checklist, linked here to ensure you and your solar provider complete all required paperwork.

Step 3: Inspection and Connection

Your solar system will require building and electric inspections. The inspection requirements for solar in Lancaster can be found here.

Once your inspections are completed, you are able to start using your solar system. Be sure to check your utility bills to ensure you are getting the appropriate savings and ensure your system is properly maintained over time 

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