Miller Park Master Plan

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With the relocation of the athletic fields and the construction of the North Water Plant, it was the right time to re-imagine what Miller Park can become in the 21st Century.  Now dubbed Downtown's backyard the park will offer a variety of activities for residents including active and passive recreation areas.  The park will be re-graded to provide more accessibility while providing the City a clean and safe water source.  Take a look at what we see.

2022-06-03 Miller Park - Final Master Plan
So you might ask when will all this be done?  The Water Plant will start construction in November 2022 and be completed in the spring of 2025.  Construction will occur throughout the park so it will look more like a disaster area for a few years.  Don't worry, the pool, dog park and skate park will remain open (except for some short interruptions).  In the meantime we will be busy getting the other improvements lined up, looking for grants for some major projects and attacking the work in small pieces.  This plan may take many years to come to completion but we have a vision of where we want to go.