Cedar Hill Road Area Plan

The Planning & Zoning Department has been working in collaboration with Crossroads Community Planning to create an area plan for the Cedar Hill Road neighborhood. The purpose of this plan is to engage residents, property owners, and businesses within the target area to create a shared vision which would then guide future development, inform policy and zoning decisions, and identify possible opportunities for private development; it does not regulate development activity, change zoning of properties, or guarantee funding/implementation of any recommendations.

A committee of residents, business owners, and city staff was formed to help with data collection, analysis, and brainstorming; a community-wide survey went out in June; and several focus group meetings were held over the summer. Based on the results of those efforts, the steering committee drafted the following goals:

  1. To increase connectivity throughout the Study Area by filling sidewalk gaps and adding pedestrian crossings to make active transportation a more safe and desirable option for residents and visitors alike.
  2. To bring additional restaurant and food truck options to the Cedar Hill Road corridor making it a destination and activating the space.
  3. To improve aesthetics and drive prosperity in such a way that maintains the affordability that residents within the Study Area currently appreciate about their neighborhood.
  4. To sustain and even amplify the residents’ sense of pride in their neighborhood.
  5. To provide more variety of housing options and add to Lancaster’s housing supply.
  6. To identify underutilized properties and provide recommendations for future uses.
  7. To maintain the existing character of the residential neighborhoods while enhancing the commercial corridor.
  8. To manage traffic while utilizing a multimodal approach.
  9. To create additional open space and green space where the flood plain currently impedes building development.
  10. To effectively communicate the vision and goals in such a way that wins the support of local businesses within the Study Area.
The following images are not actual projects, rather they are conceptual designs that were generated during pre-planning activities. Public feedback will determine whether any or all of the ideas will eventually be incorporated into the plan recommendations.
Cedar Hill - Landmark Map
Cedar Hill - Streetscapes
Cedar Hill - Brownfield
Cedar Hill - Trailhead
Concept Plan - Workforce Housing

The public is encouraged to provide comments on any of the goals or concept designs no later than December 15, 2023. Submit comments by email to pcampbell@ci.lancaster.oh.us, or in writing to 104 E. Main St., Lancaster, Ohio 43130, Attn: Planning & Zoning. Please call 740-681-5017 with any questions about the project.